Play this simple, scoring game to test your cognition skills by spotting the celebrity face among others.
This is a pretty addictive game so mind it. Have Fun !

The game is about identifying a given celebrity from among a set of nine distorted faces.

There are three Celebrity Choices of Movie Stars, Sports Persons and Politicians and you may choose to play for any one of the three.

There are three Game Levels:

  • Normal (Identify Celebrity in 5 movies or 15 seconds, whichever is earlier)
  • Medium (Identify Celebrity in 3 moves or 10 seconds, whichever is earlier)
  • Expert (Identify Celebrity in 1 move or 5 seconds, whichever is earlier)

The game

You will need your device online to play

1.  Launch the App and enter it via PLAY

[ The default Category is Movie Stars and default Game Level is Normal. You may switch to another Category and Game Level:

go Back > Select Category and NEXT > Select Game Level > START game ]

2.  START Game

Once the game starts you will need to pick the right image for the celebrity shown on top from among the nine distorted images below. This needs to be done within the fixed moves and time in seconds, depending on the Game Level you have chosen.

Game will end on either the expiry of moves or time, whichever is earlier.


  • Scores are based on the time and number of moves taken to identify a celebrity. Scoring is also dependent on the Game Level you are playing on.
  • You achieve high scores for less moves, less time and high Game Level (Normal to Expert).
  • Your Current Score is the score of your last game.
  • Highest Score is the highest score achievable on Celebrity Recall at the highest Game Level.

Changing Celebrity Category and Game Levels :

  • Tap FILTER.
  • Tap on any of the three categories to select your Celebrity Category, then tap on NEXT.
  • Tap on any of the three levels to select your Game Level.
  • Tap on START to play.

Muting the Game :

  • Launch the App.
  • Tap on SETTINGS.
  • Toggle the Sound to OFF.

Upgrading the Game :

You may upgrade the game get rid of the advertisement banners by paying US$ 0.90.

  • Launch the App.
  • Tap on UPGRADE.
  • Follow instructions.


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